The Experiment

I have been wanting to try this experiment for many years now, and I thought what a better time than to start the year off with it. This is an exciting time right now with the last solar eclipse of the year and decade, an annular solar eclipse, that took place this past December 26 is expected to bring positive changes for all around the world for the next six months. This is a very positive time for growth and prosperity.

Let’s start with where I came across the idea for the experiment. A little over 10 years ago, I was taught about a man named Dr. Masaru Emoto, doctor of alternative medicine. He was an original thinker who researched how negative and positive words impact water. He has wrote many books about his findings including The Hidden Messages in Water, The True Power of Water, and The Secret Life of Water.

Dr. Emoto studied water from all over the world for over twenty years. He was a Japanese researcher who experimented with water to prove that thoughts and feelings have different vibrations and frequencies that affect the physical body. His experiments consisted of placing negative or positive words under bottles filled with water, such as “Thank you”, “Hope”, “You fool”, etc. He would then freeze the water and photograph the crystals the water formed when frozen. He found that when positive words were used, the frozen water crystals would form complex, colorful and beautiful crystals; and negative words would form incomplete, contorted and asymmetrical crystals. It didn’t matter what language he used for the words, the results were the same.

When thinking about the human body, it is made up of over 70% water, so the theory is if negative and positive thinking and words can affect the molecular structure of water, what is water doing in our bodies when we bombard it on a regular daily basis with negative or positive words and thoughts. Not only can we be a major contributing factor to our health but of the health of those around us, including plants and animals.

The experiment he did, that I will be attempting to recreate with a couple tweaks, is his rice experiment. In that experiment he used two containers filled with cooked rice, and on one container he wrote “Thank you” and on the other container he wrote “you fool”. He instructed school children to say the labels on each container each time they passed by them when they came to school each day for 30 days. After 30 days the container with the “Thank you” label barely changed and the container with the “You fool” label became rotten and moldy.

For my experiment, I will be using three identical glass jars. One will say “I love you”, one will say “I hate you”, and the third one will say nothing to represent being ignored.

These are the steps I took to create this experiment:

  • I am using three identical glass jars with lids.
  • They are washed with the same soap and water and dried with the same towel.
  • They all have the same label in size and color, with one of them having the wording “I Love You”, one with the wording “I Hate You” and the third label will be blank.
  • All three jars have the same brand of rice, from the same bag, made in the same pan, with the same water. All the rice was cooled in the fridge in order to get rid of any hot pockets within the rice.
  • Two cups of rice were scooped into the “I Love You” jar, two cups into the “I Hate You” jar, and then two cups into the blank jar, for an equal amount of rice in each.
  • Just before the lids were put on each jar, I said that jars particular message directly into the jar.
  • The jars were placed in the same room, where they will get equal amounts of light and shade, and the temperature will be the same for all three.

Each day, for 30 days (Starting from January 1, 2020), I or a friend, will be saying “I Love you” to the “I love you” jar; “I hate you” to the “I hate you” jar, and the third jar will be ignored. The lids will not be removed at all during the 30 days, nor will the jars be moved.

This will hopefully be an interesting experiment, and I will share my findings with after the 30 days are up. 😊

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