What’s around you? Take five minutes and just stop, stop thinking about what you are going to do tomorrow, the list of things you have to get done or the people you need to do something for, and go outside and just look around you. It’s only five minutes…you probably take longer to go to check something on your phone.

Where are you? Can you feel a breeze, is the sun shining, are there people around you or are you surrounded by nature? What does nature look like?

Everyone gets busy. It is quite a busy world now-a-days. But we all, myself included, need to stop and look around. What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you see?

I’m sitting outside. There is a slight breeze, making the trees sway ever so slightly to their favorite tune. There’s a choir of humming off and on it the background…locusts I think. A dragonfly just swung by to say hello, and a sugar bee is all a jitter with the newest dance moves he just learned. Fluffy white turtles slowly swim along above me in the beautiful blue skies. The bumble bees are hard at work while the little white moths play in the grass. The earth is a magnificent living being, and one that deserves our admiration.

Why? “It doesn’t pay the bills, it’s annoying and gets in my way, and humans are at the top of the food chain…” Well speaking of food, many forms of nature are apart of our food system, and most of our food comes from the earth. Whether it’s grown in the ground or is an animal that feeds off the earth. The very nature, the very earth we often take for granted and forget to take care of, is our‐‐‐humans‐‐‐ life force. Everything we do to this planet, everything we put into the earth, effects the balance of nature in some way, from the pollinators to the oxygen producing microscopic organisms in the ocean, and then it comes full circle to effect humans.

The earth is the very thing we drink and eat every day, 365 days a year. Your meat comes from the animals that eat the crops that are grown on the earth, the fruits and vegetables grow from the earth, and most of the ingredients used to make the foods in our grocery stores originate from the earth in some way. If you put chemicals into it or throw trash all over and in it, it’s like putting chemicals and trash on your dinner plate or in your glass of water. We are our own worst enemies.

Sure humans are capable of creating amazing technological advances that has changed the world, and the human race is a force to be reckoned with, for we are great at killing each other and everything around us. But what we lack is the ability to see the world as one unit, the ability to work together, no matter our differences, for the greater good of everyone including our planet. The human race unlike the earth can not exist solely on its own, as a matter of fact the more scarce food and water are, the more likely we are to be more hateful to our own race. Without oxygen we would not be able to breathe. We would cease to exist. But the earth and nature could thrive without humans. So are we truly at the top of the food chain?

So the mission… I am not much different than many. As a lot of others throughout the world, I too need to change a lot in my life when it comes to the earth and nature and how I treat those things. And I know it isn’t easy with such a busy, busy world out there, but it’s not impossible. I want to inspire positive change in how we see and understand this world, which in turn, creates a new appreciation for this planet that works so hard to keep humans alive.

It is a new journey for me, and there are many new things I look forward to learning about and, hopefully at the end of the journey, I will come out one day and look at a world that is more one with itself and everything on it. That has a better understanding of the earth and how it’s imbalance creates instability in nature and humans. A world where everyone is inspired to work with nature and each other to positively change our world for the better.

I hope you decide to join me in this journey, because I foresee a fun and interesting adventure. 🙂


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