Nikki W.

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer, photographer, artist, proud tree-hugger and owner of NW Journey LLC. I have an Associate of Applied Science in Media & Communication Arts – Design & Layout, and I have been a graphic designer since 2000.

I have a growing passion for photography. I focus mainly on abstract, scenery, and product photography.  I have also been an artist most of my life, which is where some of my photography will have more of an artsy feel, but when I’m not looking through a lens or designing on a computer I am holding a paint brush.

I started painting in acrylics and explored oils years later, which has now become my favorite medium. My artwork means a lot to me, and with each piece there is a story inside. My story may not be the same one you see but that’s what makes art so intriguing. 

I am also working on changing my life, one day at time, to create less waste and in turn a smaller footprint on this earth. While doing so I will be sharing ideas, DIY recipes for less waste and promoting eco-friendly products through my store. I want to inspire the human race to work with nature and each other to positively change our world for the better. I hope you join me in my journey. 🙂


Magazines are a great way to bring life to any subject and keep your readers informed and up-to-date about anything your organization chooses. It can turn into that conversation piece over coffee, among friends. Articles and photos can be transformed into compelling and eye catching designs that will engage your readers and leaving them excited for the next issue.



A great photograph can inspire a work place, add interest to the walls of a business and help finalize a menu decision. Get custom photos of your products for your website, social media or your store. Or let me know what type of photographic art you are interested in and I can see if it’s something I already have in stock or something I can custom make for your business.



“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”
Leonardo da Vinci