About NW Journey LLC

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer, photographer, artist, proud tree-hugger and owner of NW Journey LLC. I have an Associate of Applied Science in Media & Communication Arts: Design & Layout. I have been an artist most of my life, a graphic designer since 2000, and a photographer since 2014.

I have a passion for creating but I also have a passion for this earth and the nature that surrounds me. The earth is our life force; it gives us the food, water and air humans need to survive. It is a magnificent being that deserves my respect.

One way I hope to show that respect is creating less waste and finding better ways to live creating less of an imprint on this planet. Through my online store, I will be selling alternatives to plastic use, sharing DIY recipes for a less wasteful lifestyle, and also ideas I’ve come across to obtain a more abundant and happier life.

I want to inspire the human race to work with nature and each other to positively change our world for the better. I hope you join me in my journey to inspire positive change. 🙂 



Custom photography can be a great way to add inspiring scenery to walls of a business.
It can also be an added element to social media sites, menus, or digital displays.
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Winner of the Foodelia 58 collection Award – August 2020
Winner of the Foodelia 41 collection Award – March 2019





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